Author: Brenda J. Alexander

Do’s and Don’ts in Dating

Dating experts have shared their knowledge about the rules of dating. If you want to increase your chances of succeeding in dating, you ought to follow these rules, too. Do’s • Relax and have fun. Dating is a wonderful experience only when you know how to have fun. Set activities that both of you enjoy so you relax and de-stress. But if you are too pressured to enjoy it, then you better stop dating. • Prepare for the date. Groom yourself by taking a shower, keeping your breath fresh, and choosing an outfit that compliments your look and matches...

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Do You Want to Win Your Ex Back?

It’s done, you said some things, she said some things, you are both hurt and in the height of your emotions, the two of you ended your relationship. But then after a few hours, or maybe a few days, or a week or two, you realize how big of a mistake you have done. You realize how amazing that girl that you let go was and right then and there, you decided that you have to do everything you can to win her back. But what is the right way of winning an ex back? Is there a right...

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I’m just Tripping on Getting to know my Dad as a Twenty-five year Old Guy!

My Dad wasn’t a stranger to me and I always knew that he loved me very much. However, he was not the most open personality, at least to my interpretation, he always had a depth of patience that defied reason, until the bottom of the barrel was reached. Let me explain via three events, two I heard about and one I experienced, although all involve me. First one, we were visiting one of Mom’s brothers in Blackwell, OK, before he moved his family to Colorado, and they had a swimming pool at their house, which was extremely rare in...

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Top Dating Tips for Women Divorcees

Going back to the dating world after your divorce seems even scarier than usual. It might be even more difficult for those who just ended their long-term marriage, but dating again is part of moving on. To help you cope with seeing another person after the divorce, there are few important dating tips that might help. Don’t Talk About Your Ex It helps to be open and genuine on your first date after your marriage ended. However, it is never a good idea to bring up your former spouse in your conversations. No matter how your divorce went, don’t...

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