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Do’s and Don’ts in Dating

Dating experts have shared their knowledge about the rules of dating. If you want to increase your chances of succeeding in dating, you ought to follow these rules, too.


• Relax and have fun. Dating is a wonderful experience only when you know how to have fun. Set activities that both of you enjoy so you relax and de-stress. But if you are too pressured to enjoy it, then you better stop dating.

• Prepare for the date. Groom yourself by taking a shower, keeping your breath fresh, and choosing an outfit that compliments your look and matches the venue. Don’t overdo sexy to avoid offending your date.

• Listen. During a date, you need to listen extra attentively and ask questions later. Don’t brag if you don’t want your date to be turned off.

• Be generous with your compliments. Focus on the good things about your date and point it out to him or her.

• Be positive. Your complaints will definitely not move your date forward.

• Be honest. If you think you won’t work, have the courage to tell your date about it instead of leaving him or her to hope that you will meet again.

• Be proactive. Take steps to find prospective dates. Learn how to smile, flirt and be friendly.

• Be creative. Don’t simply follow what other couples have been doing. There’s more to dating than just going to the movies. You can go bowling, horseback riding, or attend music festivals, before going to the movies where you can’t talk.

• Tell your friends that you are dating. Someone might help you out by playing matchmaker.

• Have manners. Try to be a gentleman. If you’re a woman, offer to pay for the date or half of it. Don’t forget to say thank you and please.

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• Don’t be late. Doing so is like saying that you don’t respect your date’s time.

• Don’t be clingy. Don’t be desperate to call, text, or email the other person frequently if you don’t want to look like a turn-off.

• Don’t fall for people who are users. Don’t reveal too much about yourself. Don’t tell the other person how well-off you are. Discourage your date if he’s coming on too strong about getting intimate.

• Don’t lie. It’s understandable that you want to look good in front of your date, but don’t overdo it by lying about your education, income, and career.

• Don’t act too desperate. No matter how desperate you are to get married, don’t scare your date by talking about marriage and children on your first date.

• Don’t be too focused on getting a call or text from the other person. This is pathetic. You still need to live your life, instead of dropping everything just because you met a prospect that you really like.

• Don’t go to your date drunk or high. Being incoherent will immediately throw your chance to find a partner out the window.

• Don’t flirt with other people. Hitting on the chaperone friend or anyone else while you’re on a date will immediately cut your chances of getting another date.

• Don’t get intimate too quickly. Engaging in sex after one or two dates will likely take the fun part of getting to know each other in a dating relationship.

• Don’t reveal too much of yourself on a first date. Despite how close you’ve grown after your first date, don’t tell your date about your home number and address. read more...